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Dr. Shal's report looks at several environmentally damaging developments at Turneffe Atoll including a four story, 96 room hotel which jeopardizes Tureneffe's substantial environmental assets through large-scale dredged of  a backreef flat, coral reef damage and extensive mangrove deforestation . 

Dr. Valentino Shal

Risking the Atoll

Dr Anthony Fedler analyses the value of Turneffe Atoll in protecting Central Belize, and particularly Belize City, from storm damage.  Dr. Fedler uses the Net Present Value approach in determining that Turneffe Atoll provides US $191 million dollars annually in storm damage mitigation for this area.  
 Dr. Anthony Fedler
The Value of Turneffe Atoll Mangrove Forests, Seagrass Beds and Coral Reefs in Protecting Belize City From Storms

Dr. Fedler assesses the Blue Carbon Value of Turneffe Atoll.
Dr Anthony Fedler
The Blue Carbon Value of Turneffe Atoll

Dr. Julio Benavides discusses the current effects, likely future changes and possible mitigation strategies for Turneffe Atoll related to Climate Change. 
Dr. Julio Benavides
Climate Chage Impacts to Turneffe Atoll

J.C. Meerman
Mangrove and Conservation Value Assessment at Northern Turneffe

K. Mustafa Toure et al.
Turneffe Islands Master Plan Development Strategy in 1991

Melanie McField
An Overview of Turneffe Atoll

Melanie McField
Turneffe General Conservation Information

Joel Wainwright et al.
A Management Plan for Protected Areas on Turneffe Atoll

Belize Forest Department
Biodiversity in Belize

World Resources Institute
Belize Coastal Threat Atlas, Draft May 2005

Wildlife Conservation Society
Recommended Best Practices for the Cayes of Belize

 Clean Our Oceans: Impact of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch .