Meet Our Staff

Executive Director 
     Alex Anderson

Alex was raised in Cotton Tree Village near Belmopan where he currently resides with his wife and son. Alex graduated from the University of Belize and served as Student Government President during his senior year. He is a Masters Candidate for a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management at Montana State University pending completion of his thesis on Turneffe's Queen conch population.
Alex joins Turneffe Atoll Trust after working for the Ministry of Natural Resources for the past three years. Prior to working the Ministry, Alex has worked in the tourism sector at Turneffe where he worked with Turneffe’s stakeholders on numerous conservation projects including the establishment of the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve and a survey of the atoll's lionfish population.

Alex comes from generations of Turneffe-based fly-fishing guides. Through his family connections and his experiences, Alex has developed a deep passion for Belize's incredible natural resources and the sustainability of Turneffe Atoll.  As Executive Dirctor, Alex will oversee  Turneffe Atoll Trust's mission and all activities through his office in Belize City.

Conservation Director  
     Nigel Martinez
Nigel joins Turneffe Atoll Trust after working as an accountant for the Belize Airport Authority for the several years. While working for the Airport Authority, Nigel oversaw the executive functions for the Belize Federation of Fishers (BFF) in his spare time. For the past several years, Nigel has worked diligently to support Belize's commercial fishermen and to see that they have viable representation through BFF. 

In his capacity as Turneffe Atoll Trust's Conservation Director, Nigel will provide continued executive support for the Belize Federation of Fishers and Belize's commercial fishing sector. BFF will remain an independent organization with all decision done through the BFF Board of Directors. Hopefully, this will offer BFF the support needed to take their organization to the next level in developing sustainable fisheries in Belize.

Nigel will also oversee the Fishermen and Ecotourism Alliance (FETA) working to combine the efforts of these two important stakeholder groups at Turneffe to protect essential habitats at Turneffe Atoll needed for eco-tourism and a healthy commercial fishery.

In addition to his responsibilities with BFF and FETA, Nigel will work out of TAT's office in Belize City on a variety of other projects. Nigel notes... “It will be a great pleasure to be able to dedicate my time and energy to the fishermen of Belize and the habitat they and so many other Belizeans rely on."


Project Assistant
      Rebecca Bobadilla

Rebecca was born and raised in Orange Walk Town. Early in teenage years, she developed a deep passion for the natural environment and for conservation. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of Belize. At the University, she was Co-president for the Environmental Club and led several environmental campaigns collaborating with non-governmental organizations to carry out clean-up campaigns. She has worked as a volunteer with several researchers, particularly in the Central Belize Corridor, and she has also worked with numerous stakeholders in protected areas management.
Rebecca joins the dynamic team at Turneffe Atoll Trust as Project Assistant. In her capacity, she will assist in promoting the vision and mission of the organization and will assist with the general operations of the TAT. Among other duties, she will assist with education/outreach programs, research/monitoring projects and TAT grants. Her knowledge and positive energy will make her a key player in promoting the sustainability of the Turneffe Atoll.
Rebecca Bobadilla