Mission & Overview

The Mission of Tureffe Atoll Trust is to drive conservation efforts at Turneffe Atoll leading to sustainable environmental, social and economic benefits for Turneffe and Belize and serving as a model for similar coastal marine environments throughout the world.

Founded in 2002, Turneffe Atoll Trust is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company whose purpose is to promote conservation of Turneffe Atoll whilfurthering scientific understanding and educating the public about the ecological and economic value of sustainably managing Turneffe Atoll and other sensitive tropical marine habitats.
Until recent years, Turneffe Atoll Trust has operated with a small, informal board and minimal staff. Low administrative costs have allowed nearly 100% of contributed funds to go directly to programs. As a result, the organization has been able to complete several important projects and accomplish a great deal in pursuit of protecting Turneffe Atoll.

While the early work of Turneffe Atoll Trust created a solid foundation, the atoll remained threatened by land speculation and inappropriate development.  Recognizing the need to accelerate its efforts, the organization reorganized its board of directors in 2010 and hired a full-time US-based Executive Director to compliment it's Executive Director in Belize.  Armed with the necessary talent and expertise, as well as the momentum of our successes, Turneffe Atoll Trust is poised to significantly advance our mission. 

 Please see our "Programs" for details of current projects.