Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Council

In October of 2010 Turneffe Atoll Trust formed the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Council, a coalition of all major Turneffe stakeholders, governmental agencies,  and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to bring formal protected status to Turneffe Atoll.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis in Belize City.

February, 2011 T.A.S.C. Position Paper for Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve

TASC Members

Vincent Gillett – Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute
Craig Hayes – Turneffe Atoll Trust
Paul Robertson – Turneffe Atoll Trust
David Carl - Turneffe Island Resort
Juliet Neal – Ministry of Tourism
Alex Anderson – Turneffe Flats
Leandra Cho-Rickets – University of Belize
George Myvett – Fisheries Department
Lindsay Garbutt - Belize Fisherman’s Cooperative Association
Melanie McField – Healthy Reef’s Initiative
Gregory Soberanis – Belize Coast Guard
Julie Stockbridge – Oceana
Gianna Gomez – APAMO
Birgit Winning – Oceanic Society
Beverly Castillo – Ministry of Natural Resources
Larry Epstein – Environmental Defense Fund
Julio Maaz – Wildlife Conservation Society
Ovel Leonardo - Northern Fisherman’s Cooperative
Pedro Alvarez - National Fisherman’s Cooperative
Sharon Ramclam – Protected Area Conservation Trust
Alex Martinez – The Nature Conservancy
Nadia Bood – World Wildlife Fund
Thomas Blanco – Belize Tourism and Industry Association
Raymond Mossiah – Belize Tourist Board
Imani Fairweather – Oak Foundation
Lesita Lee – Audubon Society
Martin Alegria – Department of Geology