Turneffe Atoll Coastal Advisory Committee

Turneffe Atoll Trust is an active member of  Turneffe Atoll Coastal Advisory Committee.  The committee formed in 2000 to make recommendations for the Turneffe Development Guidelines, a report produced in 2003 by the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute.   TACAC is in the process of revising the 2003 report to best reflect the development needs of Turneffe Atoll in 2011.

Elected Executive Body
Craig Hayes – Chairperson - Turneffe Atoll Trust
George Myvett – 1st Vice Chairperson - Fisheries Department
Dr. Leandra Cho-Rickets – 2nd Vice Chairperson -  University of Belize
Chantalle Clark – Secretary - C.Z.M.A.I.


Matt Koerner - Turneffe Island Resort
Lindsay Garbutt - Belize Fisherman’s Cooperative Association
Melanie McField – Healthy Reef’s Initiative
Gregory Soberanis – Belize Coast Guard
Gianna Gomez – APAMO
Birgit Winning – Oceanic Society
Nadine Nembhard - Belize Fisherman’s Cooperative Association
Thomas Blanco – Belize Tourism and Industry Association