Land Conservation

Land Conservation Program
Over the past 10 - 15 years,  much of the most environmentally sensitive property at Turneffe has been sold by the Government of Belize to private investors. Although the Marine Reserve offers considerable protections, regulatory control remains with governmental agencies that often operate contrary to the best interests of the Marine Reserve and the long-term sustainability of Turneffe Atoll.

As such, key areas of Turneffe remain vulnerable to destructive development and the most definitive way to prevent this destructive development is a Land Conservation Program designed to purchase or otherwise bind these properties indefinitely for conservation purposes.

In late 2015, we began initiated an aggressive program to definitively protect the unique and special areas at Turneffe.  Preliminary efforts have largely been completed and this program is moving forward in addressing our first property.

Our Land Conservation Program will:
  • Detail current ownership of the entire Atoll (nearly completed).  
  • Prioritize  key areas needing protection based upon their conservation value (completed).
  • Build relationships with Atoll landowners and identify landowners willing to work with TAT to conserve their property (ongoing).
  • Raise the funds need to purchase and protect the key properties.