Scientific Research

The work of Turneffe Atoll Trust must be based on sound scientific information.  Additional research is needed to continue making fully informed recommendations as well as to evaluate the ongoing health of the atoll and the success of Turneffe Atoll Trust’s efforts.  Although many areas of research may be considered, the following are priorities:
  • GIS mapping of Turneffe Atoll, which may be accomplished through collaboration with InVest or a similar organization. 
  • An economic study verifying the sustainable economic value of key industries at Turneffe, including commercial fishing and tourism.
  • Scientific information needed to move the Marine Reserve process forward.
  • Additional data to support and establish sustainability guidelines for Turneffe’s commercial fishing industry, particularly related to conch, lobster and finfish. 
  • Studies of spawning behaviors and juvenile habitats of key species at Turneffe to ensure they receive adequate protection. 
  • Close monitoring of the health of Turneffe’s coral reef, which may take a variety of directions depending upon specific needs and the work of other organizations.